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[[preprinted]] MONDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1865. [[/preprinted]]

Morning.  The fair wind in which we have been rejoicing has died away leaving a heavy swell and the usual rolling and heaving of the old vessel supervenes.  Write up my report finish the rough draught and commence on a final copy.  Stan Pollock nearly poisons the whole of us with creosote which he has been recklessly heaving about.  Gets a blowing up from all hands fore & aft.  Talk late into the evening with the Captain about plans for the future.

[[preprinted]] TUESDAY 7 [[/preprinted]]

Morning.  Wind freshens up again and we go rolling along about eight knots an hour.  Finish my report and copy it.  Write most of the day.  Vessel rolling very badly.  Lon. 169.38. noon.  Must now finish report to Prof. Baird, and Geo. C. Walker, write a few letters, make out estimates for Ounga and copy up my lists of specimens and notes at Petropavlovsk.  We are to lay in the stream near Meiggs Wharf at San Francisco and board on board.

[[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 8 [[/preprinted]]

Morning.  Head wind, vessel pitching heavily.  Finish report, and add the dimensions of the narka or Kamschadale sledge and their snow shoes which are of the Norwegian pattern.  Write on copy of my notes, nearly all day.  Young Fletcher, our Russian, is so aristocratic that he would rather go cold than wear blue shirts because the sailors do, although those offered to him were some the captain would have spared out of his own wardrobes, for his accommodations.  Read Abbotts Napoleon and turn in early.  Have a bad diarrhea from some cause or other.
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[[preprinted]] THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 1865. [[/preprinted]]

Morning.  Old Gate writhing, twisting, pitching and rolling, as usual in a heavy sea and strong wind; which last is fortunately fair.  Write up my diary and copy out my report, into it.  Open my reports to Mr. Walker of Chicago, Prof. Baird, and Dr. Torrey, and prepare to continue them.  On deck a good part of the afternoon & Dr. Fisher gives me some rhubarb and magnesia for the diarrhea, which by the way are capsized the same night in the racking about of the vessel.  In the wardroom a good part of the evening, and also with the captain.

[[preprinted]] FRIDAY 10 [[/preprinted]]

Morning.  Fair wind, rolling as usual.  Write all day.  Finish letter to Prof. Baird, and commence copying my report, for him, again.  Rains hard much of the day.  Finish Abbott's life of Napoleon.  I think he makes out pretty good case but I must say I think the divorce of Josephine the least of his mistakes.  Work at Russian in the evening.  So far, it seems, (the grammar to be simple enough, but the changes in the terminations of the nouns and verbs are puzzling.  Ochot and Fluger our two Eskimo dogs make an amusing display of their jealousy toward each other today.

[[preprinted]] SATURDAY 11 [[/preprinted]]

Cross the meridian of 180°, and break orders which show that we are to go direct to San Francisco, and give Capt. Scammon power to dismiss officers and men for intemperate or bad conduct.  Write to Prof. Jos. Henry, enclosing a copy of my report for Col. Bulkly.  Write with Black all day.  Evening, continue my Russian.  I think that this business of the terminations, though puzzling on account of the great number of their great number.  Our fair wind dies away in the afternoon.  Doctor comes down in the evening and gets the cold shoulder -
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Transcription Notes:
He loses his train of thought about his Russian studies in the last few lines of the entry for Saturday the 11th, but I copied it as he wrote it.

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