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cm long, [[?]], silky, curly at the tip -
White [[strikethrough]] many [[/strikethrough]] very long hairs curly at tip [[decurved?]] on edge of sheath.
M. ternete seen in another hill +/- 14 km south of this locality (The original one of 1972) At present only rest of that original forest M. ternete is almost gone, a few plants are [[strikethrough]] illegible [[/strikethrough]] surviving low. In both localities M. ternate is in the lower parts of the hill slope, then

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starts [[Mertody?]] sp (very [[surbes?]], thin culm & thin, small leaves) 
And in the upper parts of hills only [[Atractanthe?]] seen in the first area
[[strikethrough]] illegible [[/strikethrough]] Atr. mixed with another [[strikethrough]] stall [[/strikethrough]] [[beat?]] M. in flower in this hill.
M. ternate grows in beatiful, wet forest tall trees with many lianas, [[strikethrough]] illegible [[/strikethrough]] & climbing plants.
In this area grows M. ternate in the lower part, then [[Merotody?]] thin leaves (cEc. 2359)