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TOTAL=28 hrs
July 22, 1965
Valley Rio Urrao
On slopes heading up to Paramo Frontino 8900 ft. Second growth scrub between mature (tall upper "sub-tropical" type) and pasture. Starting observations 11:00 am. Clear and windy. 
See 3 Yellow faced Whitestarts. Engaged in obviously hostile chase. Very noisy. 2-6 ft up in scrub. Apparently alone. 
There are 2 Ruddy Flycatchers 15 ft up in adjacent small tree But I don't think that they really are associating with the Whitestarts. 
CORRECTION: There is a mixed flock in adjacent forest edge. Includes at least 2 Cnemoscopus, several tree-creepers, others. Probably also at least 2 blackish diglossines, which I am not able to identify. The Whitestarts and Ruddy Flycatchers seem to be keeping in the neighborhood of this flock- sort of flitting around the outskirts. Flock as a whole is quite diffuse; but appears to be a "real" social group, not a "coincidental" aggregation. 
Leaving 11:30 am. 
Starting out again after lunch. Going up hill. 
1:05 pm. 9150 ft. See single Sooty Thrush alone. Silent. Flying across pasture into neighboring forest. 
1:20 pm. 9300 ft. See single Acorn Woodpecker, alone. Flying from dead tree to dead tree in pasture. 
Then see single Sooty Thrush alone. 2 ft up in scrub edge pasture Silent
1:30 pm. 9400 ft. See Brown and Ruddy Flycatcher. SEE TODAY'S NOTES ON MIXED DIGLOSSINI A few minute later, see ap
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