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[[circled]] 11 [[/circled]]

To Salmon Creek 10 NW by N
" [[dittos for: To]] end of Lac a la Hache 1 [[strikethrough]] NW [[/strikethrough]] NW
Lac a la Hache 12 WNW
To East end of Columbia or
Williams Lake 23 1/2 NW
Lake 6 W
To foot of hill 3 } NW
Point of Woods 7  } NNW

(This point of woods may be avoided by following down the valley to the main River and then following upwards.  It is longer however)

To Fork of Roads 5 1/2 NNW
To Mud Lake 7 NW
To Bank of Fraser again 4 1/2 NW
Along the Fraser to Alexandria [[underlined]] 9 [[/underlined]] N by W
Total Bridge Ck to Alexandria by Brigade Trail 88 1/2

I find that the waggon road as now laid
down and measured is 97 1/2 miles.  If my
computation of distance be correct therefore
the Brigade trail has the advantage of
shortness by 9 miles.  Of course I cannot insist
upon my own correctness still I am inclined
to think my estimate is not far from the
truth and the more so for this reason, namely
that I rode the distance accompanied by my
servant on the same horses between Sim [[?]] and
Sim [[?]] in June 1846 say from 4. A.M. to 
6 P.M.  The general character of the
country is open.  There is a short point of 
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