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woods leaving Bridge Creek.  Another between
Lac a la Hache and Williams Lake a third
further on as noted, and again between
Mud Lake and the river.

Good hard bottom and fine pasture throughout
N.B. The deviations of the Waggon Road
are from a few miles beyond Bridge Creek
to the east end of Lac a la Hache and again
from the East end of Williams Lake to the
point I call above "Fork of the Road"

Abstract of distances

Okinagan to Forks of Similkameen 60
To Red Earth 80
To Kamloops [[underlined]] 74 [[/underlined]]
To Bridge Creek 105
To Alexandria by Brigade Trail [[underlined]] 88 1/2 [[/underlined]]
Okinagan to Alexa via Kamloops [[underlined]] 407 1/2 [[/underlined]]

I should not consider it advisable to follow
along the Fraser beyond Alexandria.  The open
country ceases a few miles above that point at
Stovna[[?]] close by the post there is an excellent
point for crossing.  The river is here about 200 yds
wide from Bank to Bank at high water.  There
are divers objections to following the River line
1st It is longer. 2nd thickly wooded and 
liable to frequent fires 3rd Between Alexandria
and Fort George land slides are constantly

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