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of the front and on each side of this the hills rise higher than elsewhere, perhaps 150 - 200 feet in all  Behind the slopes which have been graded and built upon, there is on the west part of the bluff facing northwardly a fine section with thirty or forty feet of the [[insertion]] gray [[/insertion]] clayey layers (b) exposed at an angle of 45° - 60°, surmounted by as much more of the yellowish alluvial (a) which here and there descends, in dykes, into the clays. The clays dip about 26° SSE, but are not invariable and in some places are broken down or show signs of having crept. The alluvial (b) has crept over the clays on many slopes and where cleared away leaves fine examples of slickensides, on Chenamus St a gradual slipping of a bank of this kind has pushed the plank sidewalk at its base nearly two feet out