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It should be noted that in the upper part of the clays the fossils, or at least part of the bivalves seem to have been fossilized in a sandstone, washed out and reimbedded in the clays, so that between the valves, or on one side of a single one, there will be [[insertion]] a soft [[/insertion]] coarse sandstone while the fossil is otherwise entirely embedded in a dark waxy clay.
Tongue Pt. itself is a basaltic mass and on top of the ridge behind the town according to Prof. Condon there is a layer or strip of basalt, fragments of which are found on the beaches. About one block west and on the south side of the street from the Union Pacific dock where a fire had burned away the planking of the sidewalk and buildings there is a very large solid block ten or twelve feet square and fifteen feet high probably of basalt though I could not