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top, this cover will also be firmly lashed to the head of the bucket frame and sufficient flap cover windows will be provided to prevent the rush of water from bursting the cover while the apparatus is being lowered.
     I am certainly glad to hear that the report has made such splendid progress eventually. And now regarding the number of reports you so kindly want to present me with. Dr. Sumner, I had so little to do primarily with the actual getting of the report and also have such a limited circle of scientific acquaintance that 25 copies would be more than ample for me. Johnston has also agreed that such a number will be sufficient for his needs also. This I am glad to say will give you a larger number than your generosity has permitted you to retain. Please take them; you are very welcome to them.
     Those to whom I should wish copies sent are doubtless on the University exchange list:
     Miss Rathbun
     Dr. Bartsch
     Austin H. Clark
     Dr. Kincaid (Dept. Zool. Univ. of Washington), Seattle.
     Dr. Smith            do            do
     Dr. Weever   (Dept. Paleo.         do
     and the various graduate students in East Hall with whom I became acquainted during our stay in Berkeley.
     The officers and one or two members of the crew on the ship who were on board at the time of the Survey are very anxious to receive copies:
     Captain H. B. Soule, I do not need to mention.