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Lieut. L. B. Porterfild,
Chief Boatswain August Rottig,
"     "        Joseph Claney,
Boatswain N. R. King,
Chief Machinist A. D. Devine.
Coleman too should be presented with several coipes for his share of taking [guess] the manuscript, and if you could send me six copies over and above my twenty-five I should like to give them to Kellers, Arnkil, Cook, DeLong, De Vries, and Dahme.
  Other than the above I can suggest no other names that you will not have on your or the University lists.
   I have taken the liberty of asking for your opinion on the Price current meter. I have recently received the following request from the Bureau:
   "You are directed to send to this office a statement as to the success attendant upon the use of the Price current meter now on the Albatross. Has it any serious defects that militate against its use or accuracy? Do you consider it better adapted to bay or river work in relatively shallow water than the Ekman or other forms in use?
                     (Sgd) Lewis Radcliffe
                        Acting Assistant in Charge,
                         Scientific Inquiry."
 Of course you cannot compare its efficiency with that of the Ekman or other meters, but neither can I, as I have seen only the Price meter in action. Would you also be so kind as to render me Dr. Kofoid's opinion on the matter as far as he is able to give it. If not causing you too much great an inconvenience please answer this last paragraph upon the receipt of this letter, as I wish to write to the Bureau ere we sail again on the morning of the twenty-sixth. 
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