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U.S.S. Albatross,
Seattle, Wash.,
April 20, 1914.

My dear Captain Soule:
   My first opportunity of mailing you the information you asked of me has been here in Seattle. In order that you might get it all in condensed form, I have enclosed a copy of the summary of Dr. Sumner's report, which you might keep until the published report is out.
   In order that you might compare the results of our last check run after the rainy season with the results of the previous year, I have included the following few figures which I have numbered in accordance with the sections in Dr. Sumner's summary, with which they are to be compared:
                                    Summary, 1912-13           Check, 1914          
[[underline]] Section 12 [[/underline]]
Mean salinity of entire
Bay   -    -    -    -    -              27.48      -     16.81
Highest single salinity
figure at station nearest
Golden Gate     -    -    -              33.27      -     30.57
Lowest, in Carquinez Strait               3.25      -      0.49
[[underline]] Section 13 [[/underline]]
Mean salinity figure for [[strikethrough]] 26.77 [[/strikethrough]]  - [[strikethrough]] 10.02 [[/strikethrough]]
surface samples      -    -              26.77      -     10.02
Mean salinity figure for
bottom samples       -    -              28.19      -     23.60
   From the above little tabulation you will see that the salinity of the bottom water was practically unaffected by the heavy rains, but that mean salinity for the surface water in the wet year (1914) was brought down to considerably less than half (little more than a third) the mean surface salinity of the two preceding years. Other things