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Copy of telegram.
To Col. Chas S. B. Washington June 30. 1866,

Despatch rec'd, The following is a copy of circular from Dr. Stimpson. The Chicago Academy of Sciences was burned at one oclock the morning of June 7th. The losses are great but by no means such as to affect the utility of the institution the regular operations of which will be resumed as soon as possible. It is impracticable at the present time to estimate with any degree of accuracy the damage caused by the fire to the collections and other property of the Institution. As near as can now be ascertained, the present condition is as follows. About half the animals and birds nearly all the skulls &c will be saved. Insects all destroyed with the exception of the Lepidoptera. Dried Crustacean and Echino dermata destroyed. Shells and fossils in great part saved. Very singularly and fortunately the alcoholic collection contained in about 2000 jars, has escaped. The herbarium with the exception of the series of plants of the N. Pacific Exploring Expedition has been saved. The library is greatly damaged by water, but most of the books will be saved by careful drying and rebinding. The plates of the forthcoming volume of the transactions, twenty in number, were much injured and some of the edition may have to be reprinted. The publication of the volume will not however be greatly delayed.

Spencer F. Baird
Asst. Secy. S. I.
Rec'd July 10, 1866
Copy correct
W. H. Dall