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Memorandum of Ships Company and accomodations for Passengers on Board W. U. Tel. Company.


[[left margin]] Strength of the Expedition for 1866 [[/left margin]]

[[underlined]] Bark "Golden Gate" [[/underlined]]


Ships Company incl: A.Q.M. 17
Passengers Tweendeck 17
Fore Castle [[underlined]]  2  19 [[/underlined]] [[Total]] 35

[[underlined]] Bark "Onward" [[/underlined]]
Ships Company incl: A.Q.M. 15
Passengers  Cabin 22
 Forward House [[underlined]] 10 32 [[/underlined]] [[Total]] 47

[[underlined]] Bark "H.L. Rutgers"[[/underlined]]
Ships Company incl. A.Q.M 17
Passengers  Cabin 3
 [[House?]] apr. 4
 Storage 51
 Fore Castle [[underlined]] 3 [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] 61 [[/underlined]]
    [[Total]] 78 

[[underlined]] Bark "Palmetto" [[/underlined]]
Ships Company incl. A.Q.M. 15
Passengers  Forward house 12
 Fore Castle 3
 Cabin [[underlined]] 1 16 [[/underlined]] [[Total]] 31

Carry over 192

Transcription Notes:
Not sure how to handle the running total column, added label for clarity