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[[preprinted]] March, THURSDAY, 1. 1860. [[/preprinted]]

The Esquimaux ^[[that]] Pilot'd Capt. McClintock from Fredericks harbor ^[[Fiskerness]] was brother of Hans - he displayed ability of high order in while the ship was under his command [[encircled]] 22 [[/encircled]] MCC
[[preprinted]] FRIDAY, 2. [[/preprinted]] 
An ^[[old]] Esquimaux & with lady & child being carried by Capt McC up Ponds Bay
They had however an abundance of looms stored [[strikethrough]]en ch[[/strikethrough]] [[underlined]] en cache [[\underlined]] [[encircled]] 138 [[/encircled]]

[[strikethrough]][[preprinted]] SATURDAY, 3. [[/preprinted]] [[/strikethrough]]

[[underlined]]  For 4 hours [[//underlined]] Peterson & I have been bargaining with an [[underlined]] old woman & a boy [[/underlined]] not for the sake of their seal-skins, but in order to keep them in good humor whilst we extracted information from them.
      At Button Point
24 July 1858  [[encircled]] 135 [[/encircled]]

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[[preprinted]] March, SUNDAY, 4. 1860. [[/preprinted]]

This old woman & boy were alone & were only 25 miles from their people but could not get to them till the cold weather should set in   [[encircled]] 135 [[/encircled]] [[encircled]] 136 [[/encircled]]

[[strikethrough]] [[preprinted]] MONDAY, 5. [[/preprinted]] [[/strikethrough]]

Aug 21/58
Capt McC & Paterson & 2 Greenlanders had free communication with old woman along for 4 days  [[encircled]] 140 [[/encircled]]

[[preprinted]] TUESDAY, 6. [[/preprinted]]

In [[Gw?]] & Sh. - I propose to use few [[strikethrough]] [[moments]] [[/strikethrough]] of the Golden moments of Time on a subject worthy of thought & action.  At once, I dive to the heart of my theme:
   Is the History of the Franklin Expedition concluded?

[[strikethrough]] Has was been conclusively determined [[/strikethrough]] to [[underline]] your [[\underline]] minds [[strikethrough]] that [[\strikethrough]] the fate of the 
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