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Pittsburgh, Pa.  Mon. Mar. 19/60 1 o'clk A.M.
To-day at 2 o'clk shall start for Cincinnati - Am told that I shall arrive there 7 o'clk to-morrow morning.  I shall have no time to lose - There will be much to do ere I start for the "North" which ^[[will]] be on the last Tuesday of May next.
Soon as I get Home, must write to Msrs. Williams & Haven of New London - to Capt Buddington of "Groton Bank", Ct. Capt. Chapell of Norwich, Ct. - S.N. Harris Mayor of New London Dt. & to my very dear friend H. Grinnell, Esq. New York.
I must prepare a printed circular embracing the leading or main objects of the proposed Expedition - a statement of the Cost of it & of the assistance required of my Countrymen to carry it out.  I shall select 25 parties & Institutions to whom shall send said Circulars requesting their co-operation in all ways in their power but especially in way of contributions of $100. of each.  From indications already made to me, I doubt not that $2,500 or $3,000 will be readily raised.  This will allow such an outfit as will ensure success in my undertaking - while otherwise it might be doubtful - at least it would leave me to conquer for more difficulties than
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with the proper means for this outfit.  By the by, what - What [[underlined]] will [[/underlined]] my good friend, Fosdick, think of me in not writing him since leaving Cincinnati?  I will ask him to write a Poem, the subject of which shall be: 'There is one, [[underlined]] I know my friend, [[/underlined]] though he doth never write it'. - I am confident Mr. W.W. Fosdick will let the Muses plead my Cause - I will then stand in his heart - [[underlined]] a silent friend in Sunshine - in storm - an [[?open]] defender. [[/underlined]] [[strikethrough]] in stone [[/strikethrough]]
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Cincinnati Tuesday Mar. 20/60
Started from Pitts 2 o'clock ^[[yesterday]] - Saw before starting S.D. Potts ^[[V.P.]] of Pitts & Columbus & Cin R.R. ^[[(of Pitts)]] who kindly ticketed me from Steubenville to Norwich - & Newark to Columbus -  Mr. Wm Stewart, Freight Agt. Pitts Col. & Cin. R.R. (of Pitts) do. from Pitts. to Steubenville O
[[left margin]] Arrived Home 6 1/2 o'clk AM [[/left margin]]
At the depot at Pitts I met Wm Powers, who was ^[[one]] of the Crew of H.M.S. Resolute under Henry Kellett, C.B. - had a few minutes of interesting conversation with him was anxious to return to the North - offered to go for 4£ per Month.  Had on same suit of clothes he had worn when in the Arctic Regions -
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