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Thirty [[underlined]] ^[[To pay]] One ^[[hundred]] Dollars each to fund of $3,000 to be paid to Henry Grinnell Treasurer. [[/underlined]]
1   President of United States
2   Vice [[dittos for President of United States]]
3   J L McLean, Judge Supreme Court U.S.
4   S.P. Chase  Senator elect U.S.
5   Governor Dennison
6   Mayor Bishop
7   M Greenwood
8   R. Clarke & Co.
9   Young Mens M. Library Assn Cin. O.
10  Ohio Mechanic's Inst. Cin. O.
11  Henry Grinnell, Esq. N.Y.
12  Mr. Cooper founder Cooper Institute N.Y.
13  Cyrus W. Field, Esq. N.Y.
14  Prof. O.M. Mitchell
15  Horace Greeley N.Y.
16  Geo. Pugh  U.S. Senator O
17  Benj. Eggleston, Pres. City Council O
18  Geo. Pendleton, Rep. U.S. of O.
19  H. Seward  Senator, N.Y.
20  S A. Douglas  U.S Senator ^[[?2U]]
21  Childs & Petersen, Phila
22. Kane Family [[ditto for Phila]]
23  Greeley Rep O.
24. Dr. Daniels O.
25  Henry A. Wier Va
26  Gov. Banks  Boston
27  Bates St. Louis
28  Bayard Taylor N.Y.
29  Lewis & [[?Bev]] - [[?Baltrona]], Mass
30  Colt - N Haven, Ct.
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Apr 23/60
Spent an hour with Mr. Jas. Lupton - who treated me with great consideration - presented me with an excellent knife.  I promised to make good use of it - particularly when cutting of seal meat!
Apr 26
Boy John Milne called - wishes to go to the Arctic Regions with me - Irish 16 years of age -
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Thursday May 10
Bid farewell to Home - started on my journey East preparatory to embarking on the 29th from New London, Ct. for the North
Friday 11th
Mr W.H. Clements ^[[had]] given free pass to Columbus - John W Moore the Conductor Central U.RR passed me from Columbus to the ^[[Cleaveland]] Pitts R.R - (O.R. Cve. Conductor) on wh I arrived to Pitts.
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