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[[Manig Tomig!?]]

"Voyage of the Prince Albert [[encircled]] 37 [[/encircled]] Kennedy says I caused a "Kayack" to be constructed of [[tin?]], in imitation of the native Esquimaux canoe; intending, in the event of our progress in the ship, or our own boats, being arrested by any unforeseen circumstances, to adopt the native method of travelling, with wh. from many years residence among the Esquimaux I was perfectly familar

[[Ajona?]] mother of Julluahin & Anowahrin
[[Naguagsiak?]] [[superscript]] 14 [[/superscript]] son told [[Ross?]] a falsehood on the way to [[Shagaooke?]] nicknamed "Shaglo" from the [[line?]].
Jikatagin [[superscript]] 26 [[/superscript]] his wife [[Kuria?]] had an infant [[Karuktuctin?]] 
Milluctu the one who wanted to get wood by representing want of a wooden leg. 
[[Allenachrin?]] Ugluta 50 [[?]]
[[Illiklaptucim?]] [[superscript]] 6 [[/superscript]] Boy [[Sheppmig?]] 5 with child
Benktikhilla 7 1/2 girl Karaksachin 6 [[ditto for]] child [[/ditto for]]
[[Aunin?]] 60 old woman 
[[Acatin?]] 64 [[ditto for]] old woman [[/ditto for]]
[[Strowak?]] 55 [[ditto for]] old woman [[/ditto for]]
Nangiak 40
(160 souls of Boothia)

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