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70                    60
Alictu & his wife Kanguagiu
Keiwalna - Giagushu & [[insert]] wife [[/insert]] Adluvak
   15  accompanied Ross on ex north
Hlictu [[insert]] deer skin of him - supplied Ross with [[?]][[/insert]] - & Olovgiu wife Kuauga
Kunana great [[hunter?]] Ross [[bet?]] [[insert symbol]]
her husband Tulooah
Kublala a woman with club foot
Nangiak wife of Kunana
Hibluna [[symbol]] (awhee!) plainest woman of all - husband (Kunana 2d)
very much alike [[equal sign]] guides.
[[Nuncy)?]] [[symbol]] [[Evingahniu?]]  [[scratch out]] Hibluna's sister [[insert symbol]]
Her husband Ootooni[[insert 'n']]a
[[Manellia?]] [[strikethrough]] & Adelik [[/strikethrough]]
wife of Nullungiak [[?]] North Hudson
with [[ship?]] (honest)
Adelik old woman [[?]] [[?]]
25                      28
Kakikugin & 2 husbands  [[Poyettak?]]
native of [[Skuller?]] - obtained the knowledge
of Parry's 2 ships
25                       [[Konay?]]
[[Kenrig?]] - fat young woman - husband
her mother Ninnu Himna [[equal sign]]"Old Greedy")
   65     give away his wife & get another - done so 5 times.  
Kun[[insert symbol 'a']]yoke - lived to the westward
& Apelagliu - Ross guide
Oobloomiu, eldest son of Ikmullik
his wife Shullaninu
[[Amingu?]] 6th wife of Kun[[insert symbol 'a']]yoke
[[Aknallka?]] - infant of above
[[Venreetioke?]] (brother of Ikmullik) 5 feet 10
Konyanoklik (or Bald Head) had a 
son called Ulla
[[Arutigin?]] 2 [[scratchout]] wives [[Udlia?]]& [[Pulurak?]]
a child [[KurukCachin?]]
       40                     38
[[Tulluahin?]] his wife [[Tinkshin?]] & his daughter
Shullanina - the wife sister to Ikmallik
[[scratchout]] Ikmullik & his wife [[AApellaglin?]]
Ikmullik = [["Hydrogsuphen"?]] & his son [[Oobloonia?]]
always represented the truth [[strikethrough]] of [[/strikethrough]] 
[[Camuka?]] their daughter
[[Awack?]], a nephew
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