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THE AMERICAN GEOGRAPHICAL AND STATISTICAL SOCIETY was founded in 1852, and chartered in 1854. The objects contemplated in the establishment of the Society are:

1. To collect, register, digest, and print, in a cheap and convenient form, such useful and interesting Geographical and Statistical facts as the Society may from time to time acquire.
2. To collect a Library of Geographical works, ancient and modern, including Voyages and Travels, Gazetteers, and works on the Natural History of the Earth; and to establish a Bureau of Maps and Charts for the benefit of commercial and scientific men, and of the public in general.
3. To form a collection of Statistical works, including Official Publications of the various governments of the old and new worlds; Reports of Societies, Boards of Trade, educational, charitable, and commercial Institutions, and such Registers, Digests, Journals and Almanacs as will illustrate any of the departments of Statistical science.
4. To correspond with similar associations in different parts of the world, and with foreign individuals engaged in Geographical or Statistical pursuits.

The number of Honorary, Corresponding, and Ordinary Members is now over six hundred. The Library contains four thousand volumes, and is rapidly increasing. The Publications have been a BULLETIN in two volumes; the first volume of a Geographical and Statistical JOURNAL; and a number of pamphlets. The regular meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month from October to June. The quarterly JOURNAL of the Society, forming an annual volume of about six hundred royal octavo pages, is sent gratuitously to all Members.  The initiation fee for persons resident in New York is five dollars, for non-residents three dollars; the annual subscription is five dollars for residents, for non-residents, three dollars; life-membership, fifty dollars.