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We, citizens of the Great West, in common with others of our Country, have great [[strikethrough]] an abiding [[/strikethrough]] interest in all that pertains to the encouragement & advancement of our Country's honor by discoveries in the Arts & Sciences -- by whatsoever noble means our knowledge of the Planet on which we live, can be increased.

Therefore, with no ordinary degree of solicitude , do we recognize your proposition, lately made before the "American Association for the Advancement of Science" at their annual meeting at Baltimore, for another American Expedition for the Arctic Regions, the object being for the final determination of the question of an "Open Polar Sea" -- its character -- its limits -- for determining tides, Currents, Magnetism, Meteorology, Geology, Natural History & Ethnology of the yet undiscovered portion of the World lying between the latitudes 80° & 90° North.

We are not unmindful of the dangers that have beset the pathway of Arctic Expeditions during the last three [[crutusion?]]; But as we look to their Achievements, we are led to explain surely they are commensurate to their Cost. Age more!

While the Earth has been baptised in the blood of millions on millions of our [[Rule?]], by inglorious War, how few have lost their lives in those Voyages of Discoveries & Exploration, which have to knowledge revealed since the commencement of the Christian Era, [[underlined]] at least 3/4 of the Great Globe [[??]]?