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Sunday Aug 19th 1860
A fine morning. About 10 O Clock an Esquimaux in his kayack came along-side; soon an Oo-miu with 3 families with their tents, Dog, tuktu skins etc. They had but little provision as lent from tuk-tu were to be seen
At 11 O'clk The Cry: 'Bow head! bow a head!' came singing down into the before quiet cabin. This was enough for Whalers - to them better than Church going music!
All hands were on the alert - the command went forth: Man the boats quickly & [[underlined]] quietly [[/underlined]]! - The oars were perched[[guess]] while the 'Indian paddles' were brought into requisition. The waters were still & Mirror like. On - on the [[?]] boats went listlessly. Every ten minutes 'There she blows' There She blows!' was whispered among our remaining men. This was a huge Bow-head lazily playing around the Bay as if to spend the day in rest & retirement. But the day was too cl[[?]] for Whaling. At length the monster saw his pursuers & departed. It is said windy weather (wind from the NW) is far more favorable for Whaling than calm. 
At 2 o'clk P.M. Myan & his company returned finding that there was no tuk-tu (deer) to be had. They had changed their usual track of migration.
There is no Sunday among whalers [[strikethrough]] exc [[/strikethrough]] when there are Whal^[[es]] [[strikethrough]] ns [[/strikethrough]] about the business being prosecuted ever more ambitiously on that than any other as seems to me. 
The Esquimaux know no Sunday - every day is the same to them. So it may be for aught they learn of the white men they meet. The only Kab-loonas or whites they they see are Whalers & as above they keep no day sacred 
It strikes me that there should be a reform in this. Scoresby one of the best hunters on the Arctic Regions who was a very successful Whaler never would whale or allow his Ship's Company to do it [[insertion]] on the sabbath [[/insertion]]. More than this, he always held Divine services on board his vessel on Sunday, Capt. B. asked Myan on his appearaning[[guess]] in the Cabin this P.M. Why he went off yesterday as he did when he knew the arrangement was that I should accompany him!
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