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Sept 5 
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that as soon as the [[underlined]] Beef looking [[/underlined]] carcase of this whale was towed into view of the dogs which were 1/2 mile off, they all plunged into the water, swam across a wide channel to another island thence crossed another channel & landed on to the island where they now ^[[are]] revelling in [[underlined]] fresh Whale [[/underlined]]!
All day long have the natives been eating on this whale! What monsters must be an Esquimaux's stomach! I do not think, on the whole, they eat more than white men. But the quantity in a day, enough to last several is what [[strikethrough]] staggers my [[/strike-through]] astonishes me! They are in truth a peculiar people. God hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on [[underlined]] all the face of the earth [[/underlined]] & hath determined the times before appointed, & the bounds of their habitations'.
Take the Esquimaux away from the Arctic Regions- from the shores of the Northern Seas- & they would soon cease on the face of the earth! The bounds of their habitations are fixed by the Eternal, & no one can change them, & this people live.
My opinion is that the Esquimaux practice of eating their food [[strikethrough]] mostly [[/strikethrough]] [[underlined]] raw [[/underlined]] is a good one - at least for the ^[[better]] preservation of [[underlined]] their [[/underlined]] healths. The one [[underlined]] educated [[/underlined]] otherwise, as we Whites are, [[strikethrough]] their[[guess]] [[/strikethrough]] the Esquimaux ^[[custom of eating]] uncooked meat is highly repulsive. [[underlined]] But eating meats raw - or cooked - is entirely a matter of education! [[/underlined]] "As the twig is bent the tree's inclined," is an old saw as applicable to the Common Mind [[strikethrough]] relative [[/strikethrough]] of a people, relative to the good they eat, as to any thing else!

When I saw the nation, to-day, [[underlined]] actually feasting on the raw flesh of the Whale [[/underlined]], I thought to myself the question: why cannot I do the same? The answer came back rushing through my brain, independent of prejudice: Because of my [[underlined]] Education [[/underlined]]- because of the [[underlined]] Customs [[/underlined]] of my people from time immemorial! As I stood upon the rocky shore observing the busy nation at work carving [[strikethrough]] at [[/strikethrough]] the monster before me, my eye caught a group around one ^[[of]] the vertebre, from which they were slicing ^[[& eating]] thin pieces of ligament that looked [[underlined]] white & delicious [[/underlined]] as the breast of a Thanksgiving Turkey! I made up my mind to join in, participating the inviting (?) [[?]] actually

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