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                Wednesday Oct 17 1860

At XII O'Clock M., started to visit the English vessel across "Rescue Bay".  My crew consisted of natives.  Before starting, was obliged to go to the Village to make up the crew.  Sterry accompanied me in ^[[my trip]].  While Sterry was engaged [[underline]] picking [[/underline]] the [[underline]] surplus [[/underline]] Esquimaux ^[[who desired to go away]] [[strikethrough]] [[four tick marks with horizontal line representing count of 5]]]] [[/strikethrough]] I stepped ashore, & with my pocket sextant, took a Meridian observation, using the opposite side of this harbor (5/8 mile off)for my horizon.

Sun's Altitude  17[[degree symbol]]-30'-00"
Refraction ---------------------------2-59
                  17[[degree symbol]] 27-01
                  17[[degree symbol]] 27-09
Sun's Semi diam                       16 06
                 17[[degree symbol]] 43' 15
Elevation 5 feet above water          5  30
                 17[[degree symbol]] 37' 45"
                 90                  00-00
Polar distance   72   -               22-15
Declination       9   -               30-33S
                 62[[degree symbol]]   51-42
Deduct 5/8 mile---------------------------37
Lat. George Henry}=62[[degree symbol]]-51'-05"
in Rescue Harbor} (see Oct. 12th/60

At M precisely we pushed off leaving a squad of Esquimaux ^[[standing on shore]] of various sizes, ages, and conditions to watch our departure & progress.
   The wind was  blowing fresh from the N. W. - Getting clear of the various islands & shoals  (^[[On]] one of the latter ^[[we]] came near foundering) [[strikethrough]] we a [[/strikethrough]] We struck direct for the Bluff Mountain opposite.  The sea, as we proceeded, [[strikethrough]]  great [[/strikethrough]] commen^[[ced]] playing its fantastic tricks till finally, a wave now & then would cast its white cap into our very laps.  The Esquimaux began to be frightened; We were now 1/2 way across, yet from the determined resistance of some of the crew was obliged to stern to [[strikethrough]] & Cos [[/strikethrough]] & make our way back.  There were 14 souls in the Boat-12 Esqimaux, myself & Sterry.  The crew was an unusual poor one, for natives.  The experienced ones were all out Sealing & Whaling.  I was obliged  to take such as I could get-To secure the best natives of the poor crew I had, I was obliged to take the family consisting of several Large & small children.  There was no Sail to this boat [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]]  If there had been could have made [[strikethrough]] transt [[/strikethrough]] transit of the Bay quickly.
Got back at 2 having made 10 miles of oaring in 2 hours showing the crew could pull if they had a mind to do so.  I was interested in the  picture before me going out, Sterry Seated up on the Loggerhead of the Whale boat Kok-en-jab sitting flat on the bottom busily at work [[strikethrough]] on [[/strikethrough]] cutting out fur-dresses with his Vo-d-l00 [[image of an Eskimo knife]] & sewing them with sinnew of tuok-too.  I regretted much in being obliged to return but under the circumstances a persistence to proceed would have been highly injudicious.   A panic is bad enough to contend against anywhere, but of all [[strikethrough]] places but of all [[/strikethrough]] deliver me ^[[from]] [[strikethrough]] thi [[/strikethrough]] one aboard a boat out on a rough Sea!  While reason will control human beings reasonable means can be called into requisition for the accomplishment of the best possible good, but when consternation, fright without cause, seizes the mass,  men women & children, then terrible is the retribution often times.
[[red vertical line in left margin]]
No whales seen to-day.  Natives saw one yesterday, so reported.  Walrus & Seals abundant.  Capt. B speaking to Morgan about [[underline]] "Morgan's Hill", [[/underline]] overlooking Frobishers Bay Morgan hung his head & shook it, then exclaimed with great [[underline]] emphasis [[/underline]] "What Captain, do you call that a [[underline]] hill [[/underline]]  I thought it was a mountain!!
Aurora to-night East SE & SW  Commenced 6 1/2 S.
[[/red vertical line...]]
VIII under Aldeburan & Pleiades playing in long sharp pointed beams.  Cloudy around to the S.E. & S yet enlightened as if the heavens were on fire.  The base of the Aurora, at one time tonight, [[strikethrough]]  retent & [[/strikethrough]] made the outline of a stupendous Gothic Arch ^[[over a]] Clear deep blue Sky, one side springing from the horizon at the S. the other from the East the height of Sun's arch reaching 65[[degree symbol]] [[image of the Aurora]]
[[strikethrough]] Shen [[/strikethrough]]  9 1/2 o clock then 19[[degree symbol]] Bar. 29.275
Castor & [[strikethrough]] Pollux [[/strikethrough]] Pollux, a  Pagasi, Arcturus, Mars Rigel Vega Cygni Altair Betelguese [[Prosy ba?]], Dyler Cepherus.
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