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[[boxed]] Never completed - another delivered in its place H. [[/boxed]]

Nov. 1st 1861

Capt. S.O. Budington 
Barque George Henry

Dear Sir 
I am led to address you this formal letter on account of the momentous circumstances now existing, pertaining to the "George Henry" & those of your Command belonging to her - especially on account of the position I occupy. 
This vessel - the "George Henry" - & her tender - the "Rescue" - on departing from the States May 29th 1860, were well provisioned for the expected duration of a voyage to the Arctic Regions of Eighteen months. 
It was your purpose as indicated to me & those of your Command, some weeks in advance, to set sail for the States on or about the 20th of Oct. On the 17th (3 days prior to this) it was discovered that a solid, heavy Pack of unlimited extent was pressing hard upon the Coast West side Davis Strait, barricading the mouth of the Bay so effectually that it were the proof of a bold but madly adventurous Navigator to attempt to plough his vessel through it at such advanced [[strikethrough]] state [[/strikethrough]] stage of Winter.
By the knowledge & experience acquired in the many years of your navigating in these Northern regions, you at once saw that your purposes of an early & speedy passage home were evidently crushed, & what was overwhelming in gloom, you & the souls in [[insertion]] your [[/insertion]] charge were destined to an imprisonment by "thick -ribbed-ice" in these [[insertion]] storm, ice & snow [[/insertion]] regions for full nine months to come! Nor was this all; You foresaw & [[underlined]] felt [[/underlined]] that your battle was to be for sustenance & [[insertion]] the [[/insertion]] preservation of the lives of your men during this time, & the time requisite to their passage to the States!
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