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Oct 6
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Some-how Tou-lee-tou had it [[underlined]] "fixed" [[/underlined]] in her mind that such a Strait as Hudson's was much further South than [[strikethrough]] by [[/strikethrough]] the charts we showed her represented.  Capt Budington now commenced in earnest to convince Tou-lee-tou that she was [[strikethrough]] misuken [[/strikethrough]] mistaken in her views.  He told her that the "McLelland" ^[[a]] Whale ship on which he made several voyages in [[strikethrough]] his [[/strikethrough]] the commencement of American whaling in these [[strikethrough]] made many vo [[/strikethrough]] regions, took one year 5 whales near Resolution Island - & another year 4 between Resolution Island & Cape Chidley the [[strikethrough]] most northern [[/strikethrough]] opposite side of Hudson's Strait. [[underlined]] Again [[/underlined]] & [[underlined]] again [[/underlined]] Capt. B. assured her that Hudson's Strait was exactly as laid down in the charts [[strikethrough]] we had [[/strikethrough]] before her.  A remarkable attestation to this came in at the proper moment.  Tou-lee-tou's husband, Ee-bour-bing, on [[strikethrough]] ^[[it]] [[/strikethrough]] being told that the Hudson Bay Companies ship's pass ^[[through]] & re-pass every year [[strikethrough]] the natives north sides of [[/strikethrough]] Hudson Strait all at once ^[[exclaimed that he now]] recollected that when quite young he saw said ships & [[strikethrough]] visited [[/strikethrough]] visited them ^[[with older Esquimaux]] from the Coast of "Kingaite" (Meta Incognita of Queen Elizabeth)  This added much [[strikethrough]] to [[/strikethrough]] ^[[in]] convincing Touleetou of her erroneous ^[[tho' honest]] position.  Twelve O'clock came & dinner was announced.  While Tou-lee-tou & hers drank in the excellencies of Parry's Illustrations of the Igloolik Innuits (Parry's 2d voyage) Capt & I took dinner.  After it & after the Innuits had [[strikethrough]] done dinner [[/strikethrough]] done likewise we all gathered around the chart covered table.  Capt. B. spared no proper effort to satisfactorily convince Tou-lee-tou that everything was precisely as he represented & & as he knew it to be.  Finally "Joe" ^[[(E-bour-bing)]] could stand it no longer.  He had seen Parry's excellent representations of the Ig-loo-lik people as I displayed them one by one to the company.  He burst out, rising with great earnestness, I will go!  I will go!! - I would like to go very much!!!  Then followed noble Hannah (Tou-lee-tou) I will go too - I am now satisfied - I thought, really, that strait was far, far below where you represent it.  "Hannah & "Joe" are deeply solicitous of visiting America, having spent 2 years, as before stated in this journal, in England, & withal visited Queen Victoria in their native costume!  I have promised to take them to America if I succeede in accomplishing the object of the proposed voyage to King Williams Land which ^[[object]] was duly ^[[& fully]] explained to them, both by Capt B & myself.
I was made happy by the announcement of these two that they would accompany me in my voyage, next season.  This determination seems to be [[underlined]] honest [[/underlined]] & [[underlined]] considerate. [[/underlined]]
Capt. B. told them that there would be two boats in the Expedition!  I was rejoiced when Capt. B. told me ^[[to-day that]] he should ^[[ [so continue it as to]] [[strikethrough]] see that [[/strikethrough]] supply me with 2 boats!  How can this poor child ever make proper return for each noble action as is meted out to me by Capt. B.  God be praised that He thus has [[strikethrough]] surround [[/strikethrough]] ^[[enlightened - [[underlined]] glorified [[/underlined]] ]] my pathway with such blessings!  Tou-lee-tou is deeply solicitous of learning to read & write the English language.  I have promised to spend as much time as possible in teaching her.  On the other hand, she has promised to learn me Esquimaux.  "Joe" & Ku-jesse, having seriously promised to go ^[[with me]] (taking along with them their nulianas who are just as valuable as any men Esquimaux in pulling at the oars - [[underlined]] & more so, [[/underlined]] in making up clothes, mending, cooking, etc. etc) & both needing good guns, on the advice of Capt. B. I presented each with a double-barrel shot gun stipulating that they [[strikethrough]] should [[/strikethrough]] were not [[strikethrough]] to use [[/strikethrough]] ^[[to]] part with them on any consideration but to keep them for their own use & when we start on the voyage to take ^[[said guns]] [[strikethrough]] was [[/strikethrough]] along with them.  Having on hand a breast pin I used to wear in the states, I got the same out & made it fast to the front part of Tou-lee-tou's dress.  She thanked me heartily for it.  I exhibited to Tou-lee-tou the Esquimaux Books 
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