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Christmas Day 1860

"splice the Main brace" (the usual article having become exhausted about the time of pulling up anchor A Holsteinborg Greenland) that I would consent that his ship's company should be furnished [[strikethrough]] by wh. [[/strikethrough]] with the alcoholic portion from said 10 gallon keg requiring as I supposed a medium sized pitcher full.  By the addition of much hot-water, molasses - sugar, "Perry Davis pain Killer" - nutmeg - & Lime juice, [[underlined]] a compound was made! [[/underlined]]  Let is stand as a record against me - against a poor weak creature of the Earth.  I take the responsibility, [[underlined]] will father it all. [[/underlined]]  May High Heaven forgive me.  I will live to see the day when the Stain - the Shame I have incured by this act, will be wiped [[strikethrough]] wipped [[/strikethrough]] out, or I will - die here in the North, working like a servant of God.  Ebierbing & Tuk-oo-li-too spent the day with me - my presentation of the Bible given me on my departure from the States for these regions by the Young Men's [[strikethrough]] Mercantile Ass [[/strikethrough]] Christian Union of Cincinnati to Tuk-oo-li-too.  I herewith copy my presentation

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Christmas Day 1860

made as written in that "Book of Books" 

A Christmas Present [[strikethrough]] ed [[/strikethrough]] to Tuk-oo-li-too Tuesday, Dec. 25th, 1860.
"Rescue Harbor  }
Lats 62 - 51 N  }
Long. 65 - 05 W.}
The following is copy of the words of gift by [[strikethrough]] said [[/strikethrough]] the Y.M.C.U. &c. to me.

This seemed to please her (T.) much - Her 1st act was to read the Title "Holy Bible" on the back & in the 1st or Title page.  Then to read what I had written.  Tuk-oo-li-too longs to be able to read understandingly its pages.

[[strikethrough]] The [[/strikethrough]] My Christmas dinner party in the Aft Cabin! - Capt. B's kindness in allowing it.  The party consisted of 4 beside myself.  Ebierbing & Tuk-oo-li-too - Que-jes-se- & Tunukderlien, the principal or most important Esquimaux members of my Expedition Company to King William's Land.
This party assembled about 3 o'clock when the best dinner of civilization We noble companions ever had was well discussed.  I should make perhaps this qualifying remark 

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