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Corporal Joe Louis talks things over with his buddies at Camp Dix

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REMEMBER June 22, 1938? The eyes and ears of the world were turned on a fighting ring in Yankee Stadium. Joe Louis, world heavyweight champion, dealt an opponent a knockout blow that was heard 'round the world.
For the opponent Louis kayoed was the Nazi hope, Max Schmeling.
The Nazis had called Joe Louis "de sogennante weltmeister" - " the so-called champion."
In proud defiance of the Nazis' "Aryan" arrogance-the people everywhere, Negro and white, hoisted their own banner:- "Hail Joe Louis, the People's champion!"
Joe wasn't alone in that fight....
Detroit, home town of Joe, proud of its world champion, cheered....
Harlem echoed the joy in the Stadium-indescribable joy that was marked in the flow of thousands to the streets....
And banners were everywhere:
"Take the Nazi Bum Back to Hitler!"
"Down with Hitler and Mussolini!"
"Joe Louis Wins, Hitler Weeps!"
"Who said 'Aryan' Supremacy?"
"Alabama Produced Joe Louis, Free the Scottsboro Boys!"
Victory demonstrations in Pittsburgh...Cleaveland...Phildelphia
...Chicago...and elsewhere. Underlying the festivities was boundless anti-fascist solidarity of all the people. It symbolized the fight and the hatred of the peoples everywhere against fascism.

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