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Thursday Oct. 29/96
Morning warm. Write on reviews. Go to S.I. work over Bahia shells, proofs etc. Home, evening the Fernows & Comstocks dine with us.

Friday Oct 30th
Day cloudy warm. Go to office & then to S.I. work over mail & proofs. Home, evening go to meeting of board of managers, Geographic Society at Cosmos Club, and walk up with the Merriams.

Saturday, Oct. 31
Morning very warm. Go to Survey and Treasury and then to Gas office & S.I. work over proofs & L. Cal. shells. Home, evening go to Phil. Soc. Meeting.

Sunday Nov. 1st
Morning Go to Dr Bromwell & mother P.M. Go to the new library with N & the children. Evening read at home.

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and then to S.I. See Dr McConnell work on classification. My cold has made me very deaf. Home, evening read, Nettie has a very bad cold. 

Friday, Jan 18/95
Morning cloudy. Go to S.I. work over mail and classification; Home evening feel miserable. read and work over files. Children go out to parties

Saturday Jan 19
Morning cloudy, later clears. Go to Dr. Richardson's & then to S.I. work over classification & mail. Home evening read.

Sunday. Jan 20
Morning fair. Go over & see mother P.M. call with Nettie on the Whites Dr. Burnett takes tea with us.

Monday Jan 21
Morning cloudy. Go to Palais Royal & S.I. work on mail & classification. Ear troubles me immensely. Go home & read in evening