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Tuesday, Oct. 20/96
Morning fair. Go to Moses and to S.I. work over figures. Oldroyd & Ihering fossils. Home, evening, Mr. Bartsch & Dr. Sterki dine with us.

Wednesday, Oct. 21
Morning, warm, fair. Go to Imperial library and S.I. work over Oldroyd shells. & mail. Home, calling to see Mr Berryman by the way, Evening go to the club.

Thursday, Oct. 22
Morning, call on the Rathbuns Mother, and at library then to S.I. work on Ihering shells. Home, evening read.

Friday, Oct. 23
Morning cloudy. Go to S.I. work on proofs and Ihering shells Home, evening read

Saturday Oct. 24
Morning fair, cooler. Go to S.I. work over Iherings shells & mail 

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to meeting of Joint Commission & then home. Evening read.

January 26/95. Saty
Morning sleety. Go to Dr Richardson & then to S.I. attend to mail fossils and work on classification. [[insertion]] Mrs Fish calls [[/insertion]] Home evening stay in and read. 

Sunday Jan 27
Morning. Go over & see mother P.M. at home. Baker calls. work on list of families

Monday Jan 28
Morning, cloudy. go to S.I. work on classification. Home snows. Evening read.

Tuesday, Jan. 29
Morning cloudy. cold. Go to the office and later to the S.I. work on classification. Home, evening have a severe attack of intertympanic vertigo and have to send for the doctor. 

Wednesday. Jan. 30
Morning, dull. feel better but shaky. Go to