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[[underlined]] [[overwritten]] Molt [[overwritten]] III June 30 [[/underlined]] Hd slightly bilobed higher than wide, tubercles as before but rather small. Pale yellowish, the vertical band on angle [[image - line showing angle]] lobe most distinct the other enclosing little yellow patches on median suture and giving the appearance of a cross reticulation connecting the bands and repeated on side of head; bands all red-brown finely mottled with yellow W. 1.5 ±
Tubercles i enlarged & [[priduced?]], the tips furcate one limb (usually the [[shorter?]] one) bearing the long glandular seta ^[[insertion]] the longer are often white tipped [[/insertion]] ii [[scarcely?]] enlarged, the rest normal 
On 5 & 12 there are slight bumps and on 9-11 the i is less enlarged then others. Color purplish brown, finely mottled, sides of 3-4 pale and dorsal region darken this darker shade incised by a series of bright yellow triangular patches including i and ii on joints 3, 4 6, 8 (running on 9) 11 and 13
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the one on 11 also enclosing the spiracle

[[text obscured by loose leaf note]]  

green on sides of 2-4, the enlarged tubercles i on 5 and 12 tinged with red. A dark brown d. band, on 2-3; begins again on 5 and runs to 12. Slightly incised on 6, 8 and 11 and tubercles i and ii there marked

Transcription Notes:
Second page is mostly covered by a loose page, the notes are transcribed in full on pages 6 & 7, and uncovered text is fully imaged and transcribed on page 9. These should be consistent transcriptions so I'm going to cosolidate. -@Siobhanleachman