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Amnesty must be granted and all political prisoners freed.

The frame-up trials of the Communists must be stopped and an end brought to the witch hunts of the FBI thought-police.

The Courts must rule against and Congress must repeal the fascist-like Smith and McCarran Laws.

The People Can Win

If millions of citizens, Negro and white, workingmen, professionals and business people - all who cherish democracy and fear its final destruction in our land - speak up, we can halt persecution for political beliefs in our country.

Some people, old friends and complete strangers, sometimes stop me to commiserate with me over the fate of my husband.  They express deep human sympathy and pity.  I thank my friends but I tell them that I am not one to be pitied but to be congratulated.

I AM PROUD OF MY HUSBAND AND HIS COLLEAGUES!  I have the wonderful satisfaction of knowing that my husband has labored to find a path that will lead my people and all those who are heavily burdened into an age of peace and security - an era wherein all the people will live as brothers, wherein the happiness of many will be the highest concern of all, where there will be neither poverty, nor ignorance, nor prejudice.

My husband and his colleagues not only believe they have found a way that will lead to such a happy future for the people but they have the will, the courage, and the great strength of the working people to make that dream come true.

I am sure that the people of this country and especially my own, the Negro people, will join in the defense of my husband and his brave comrades!

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The National Committee to Defend Negro Leadership has been organized to halt the growing attacks upon Negro leaders of whatever political belief or opinion.  These attacks pose a serious threat to the people as a whole.

We appeal to Negro organizations and individuals and friends of the Negro people to speak up against the persecution of militant Negro leaders.

We call on the officers of federal, state and local government to:
1.  Find and prosecute the murderers of Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. Moore.
2.  Repeal the Smith and McCarran-Walter Acts;  Grant amnesty to Benjamin J. Davis, Henry Winston and their associates.
3.  Restore passport rights to Paul Robeson and other Negro citizens now barred from travel abroad.
4.  Enact federal and state FEPC laws;  stop all Jim Crow in government;  end segregation in the nation's capital.

* * * *

Bundle orders of this pamphlet and information about the National Committee can be secured by writing:

National Committee to Defend Negro Leadership
1660 Fulton Street, Room 21, Brooklyn 13, N.Y.
PResident 8-2057
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