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PagePlateClassObjectR.A.DecStartObs H.A.Obs DecStopExpDateMiscellaneous
4817471P20 250 05 W+90.021 28Oct 03 1908x 17471 Previous to taking this plate lowered S end of axis by about 1/6 rev. Polar adjustment plate at 21 25 stopped during clock. One development plate was found to have been completely fogged.
4817472P21 390 03 W+90.022 44Oct 03 1908x 17472 Same as last. At 22 41 stopped during clock.
4817473P23 070 03 W+90.000 43Oct 03 1908x 17473 Same as last. Previous to taking this plate S end of axis was lowered nearly 1/6 rev. of screws. [Closed at 0 43, clock not running arc had run out.]

Transcription Notes:
Obs. Dec. for Plate 17471 is unclear +?.0 I was not sure how to handle the Remarks.