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Choate, Dr. Frank G. Speck, Mr. Joseph Keppler, United States Geological Survey, Superintendent of Documents, Office of Indian Affairs, The New York Public Library and The Explorers Club; and Mrs. Thea Heye, have been among the donors of books notable in quality and quantity. Miss Choate's donation of manuscript relative to the Stockbridge Indians is unique. 

Statistical Report. (April 1, 1929, to April 1, 1930.)

                       Pamphlets    Books    Mss.    Maps
Accessions.............    954      1,172     56      16 == 2,198
Gifts .................    639        576     34      15 == 1,264
Exchange...............    225        522     ..       1 ==   748
Museum publications....     62          8     ..      .. ==    70
Membership.............     17         10     ..      .. ==    27
Purchased..............     11         56     22      .. ==    89
     Total: 2,198                                           2,198

Books catalogued:          1,525
Pamphlets catalogued:      1,114
Binding:                      65
Plating:                   1,850


The publishing activities of the Museum during the fiscal year are shown by the following works issued during the period:

Tizoc, Chief Lord of the Aztecs, 1481-1486, by Marshall H. Saville. Contributions from the Museum, vol. Vii, No. 4 77 pp., 7 pls., 12 figs. 

Polychrome Guanaco Cloaks of Patagonia, by S.K. Lothrop. Contributions from the Museum, vol VII, No. 6. 30 pp., 2 colored pls., 15 figs. 

Beads and Beadwork of the American Indians, by William C. Orchard. Contributions from the Museum, Vol. XI, 140 pp., 31 pls., 137 figs. 

Aims and Objects of the Museum. Indian Notes and Monographs, Mis. No. 36, 4th printing, revised. 19 pp. 

Listing Publications, Indian Notes and Monographs, Misc. No. 43, Seventh edition, 4th printing. 30 pp. 



Indian Notes has been issued quarterly as usual, the volumes corresponding with the calendar year. Vol. VI was completed with the October issue, 1929. The four numbers published since the last report comprise thirty articles, in addition to the usual lists of recent accessions of specimens by gift, recent library accessions, and various notes pertaining to the activities of the Museum. These four issues comprise 487 pages and 91 figures. 

Altogether the Museum publications issued during the fiscal year consist of 783 pages of text, 41 plates, and 255 text-figures.

The editing, as usual, has been done by Mr. F. W. Hodge. 

The sale of the two series of colored postal cards illustrating archeological and ethnological subjects amounted to $278.35 during the fiscal year. 


There has been a very large increase in the Museum's collections of negatives during the year to the acquisition of a large collection of 3,300 logical subjects covering the United States and Mexico were taken between the years of 1894 and 1910. 

The collections consists of:

Moving picture film, negative.......................... 12,028 feet
Moving picture film, positive.......................... 30,956 feet
Negatives (an increase of 3,494 during the year)....... 18,460
Prints, of which the Museum does not own the negatives
(an increase of 200 during the year)...................  9,708
Lantern slides (an increase of 153 during the year)....    572


Two very important exchanges were consummated during the year; one with the National Museum in Santiago, Chile, by which this Institution acquires a large collection of ethnology and archaeology from the various tribes of Chile, and in return for which we are sending a comprehensive archaeological collection from Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Georgia, Connecticut, Ohio, Oregon, New Mexico, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia, and also a small ethnological collection from Tierra del Fuego; the other with the National Museum of Copenhagen, Denmark, which has given the Museum collections 

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