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minutes of the meeting a tribute to his memory and the deep sense of loss it feels in his death.

The Chairman reported to the Board the status of the arrangement with the Huntington Free Library and Reading Room for the taking over of the Museum's library, and stated that the form of the transfer was still under discussion with Huntington's counsel.  The matter of the form of this transfer was referred to the Committee appointed at the February meeting, which Committee consisted of Messrs. Heye and Fraser with Mr. Seward as Counsel.

In accordance with the recommendations of that Committee, on May 27, 1930 Mr. George G. Heye executed a Supplemental Indenture to the Foundation Deed of the Museum. The said Supplemental Indenture authorized the transfer by the Trustees of the Museum's library to the Huntington Free Library and Reading Room by adding a Paragraph 11 to Article III of the Foundation Deed, said Paragraph 11 to read as follows:

"11. The Trustees are hereby specifically authorized and empowered to transfer to the Board of Trustees of the Huntington Free Library and Reading Room, established by Collis P. Huntington and Arabella D. Huntington, his wife, by Foundation Deed dated August 15, 1892, all of the Museum's library consisting approximately of 20,000 volumes and to undertake to transfer volumes subsequently acquired and to make, execute and deliver all such written instruments and to do all such acts and deeds as may be necessary, convenient or desirable for the purpose of effectuating the said transfer."

Said Supplemental Indenture was recorded in the office of the Register of the County of New York on May 29, 1930, at 2:45 p.m., in Liber 3, Page 181 of General Conveyances.

In accordance with the authorization granted by the Supplemental Indenture, a majority of the Trustees, by written action without a meeting, under date of May 27, 1930, executed an Indenture transferring all of the Museum's library, consisting approximately of twenty thousand volumes,and volumes subsequently to be acquired, to the Trustees of the Huntington Free Library and Reading Room, in trust properly to house, catalogue and maintain the same so that it should always be in good order and condition for use and study by those interested, and particularly by the Members of the Museum and of the staff thereof, who should likewise have the privilege, subject to reasonable regulations, of withdrawing on loan such books, periodicals and other pieces, as might be deemed necessary for use in connection with the carrying out of the Museum's functions.

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The Regular Meeting of the Board, called for October 1, 1930, was adjourned to October 28, 1930.  At said latter meeting the Secretary reported that the legal transfer of the Museum library to the Trustees of the Huntington Free Library and Reading Room had been completed on May 27, 1930, and read to the meeting the Indenture of May 27, 1930, under which the transfer was made, as well as the Supplemental Indenture to the Foundation Deed executed by the Grantor under date of May 27, 1930, authorizing the Trustees to make said transfer.  The Supplemental Indenture and the transfer of May 27, 1930, as executed by the Trustees, were thereupon ratified and approved.

At this same meeting Mr. Henry Lee Ferguson was elected an Annual Fellow of the Institution.

Regular meetings of the Board were held on December 2, 1930 and February 3, 1931, but no action was taken at these meetings other than routine business.


For Last Fiscal Year, April 1, 1930 - March 31, 1931

                  Week Days   Sundays   Holidays   Total
April.............  3,412      1,802      ....     5,214
May...............  2,915      1,351       324     4,590
June..............  1,867        983      ....     2,850
July..............  2,069        555       125     2,749
August............  3,293        960      ....     4,253
September.........  2,339      1,450       229     4,018
October...........  3,515      2,129       281     5,925
November..........  3,457      2,462       367     6,286
December..........  1,921      1,605       202     3,728
January...........  3,682      2,367       225     6,274
February..........  2,928      2,233     1,343     6,504
March.............  3,763      2,358       ....    6,121
                   ------     ------     ------   ------
   Total.......... 35,161     20,255      3,096   58,512


Attendance for fiscal year April 1, 1929 to March 31, 1930,    54,905
Total attendance, since opening of Museum.................    474,109

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