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Jacobson, M. 
John, Otto
Jones, Walter B. 
Judd, Dr. Neil M. 

Karutz, Dr. Richard 
Keppler, Joseph 
King, Willard V. 
Klahre, Alfred C. 
Krieger, Dr. Herbert W. 
Kurtz, Edward 

Latimer, Joseph W. 
Lehner, Frank 
Lighthall, DR. W. D. 
Llodio, Mrs. 
Lockley, Fred
Long Island Chapter, New York State Archeological Ass'n
Looser, SeƱor Gualterio 
Lopez Diaz, Mrs. Grace P. 
Louisiana State Museum 

McGill University, General Museums Committee 
McMillan, Miss Cornelia 
Magnus, Miss Helaine 
Meyer, A. 
Mitchell-Hedges, F. A.
Moorhouse, Mrs. Lee 
Mosbach, Miss Josephine 
Meyers, J. Preston 

National Indian Association 
National Library of Peiping 
National Society of the Colonial Dames, in the State of New York 
Nelson, Dr. N.C. 
New York State Association of Occupational Therapists 
Newhouse, Walter S. 
Nicholson, Mrs. Peter 
Nomland, Miss Gladys A. 
Nordvedt, Dr. Martin 

Olsen, Godfrey J. 
Othmer, P. Cajo, O. F. M 

Pacific Historical Review 
Paytiamo, James 
Pendleton, Mrs. John M. 
Pennsylvania Historical Commission 
Preuss, Dr. Konrad Theodor 
Public Service Corporation of New Jersey 

Ratton, Charles 
Rauchfuss, William H. 
Read, Miss Georgia W. 
Richthofen, Dr. B. Frhr v. 
Ritchie, Dr. William A. 
Roberts, Thomas 
Rowland, John T. 
Russell, Mrs. George 

Savage, M. F. 
Saville, Prof. Marshall H. 
Sawyer, Philip 
Schmidt, Guillermo
Schoewe, Charles g. 
Schweizer, H. 
Serrano, Prof. Antonio 
Serrano y Sanz, Dr. Manuel 
Seward, Frederic K. 
Sherman, T. Tecumseh 
Smith, Mrs. Joseph Lindon 
Sociedad de Geografia e Historia de Guatemala 
Societa Italiana d'Antropologia e Ethnologia 
Southern Woman's Educational Alliance 
Stahl, Rev. R. A. 
Stohr, A. C. 
Swanton, Dr. John R. 

Textile Foundation 
Thomas, Dr. Alfred B. 
Thompson, Mrs. Mary W. 
Tobin, Colonel Ralph C. 
Toledo Museum of Art 
Tomkins, William 
Trout, Mrs. Nadine F. 

United States 
  Board of Indian Commissioners 
  Bureau of American Ethnology 
  Bureau of Fisheries 
  Commissioner of Indian Affairs 
  Department of Agriculture 
  Indian School, Chemawa, Oregon
  Library of Congress 


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United States: 
  Mesa Verde National Park Superintendent 
  Office of the Surgeon General 
  Smithsonian Institution 
University of California Press 
University of the State of New York 

Vaillant, Dr. George C. 
Verisel, William A. 
Vignati, Dr. Milciades A. 

Wardle, Miss H. Newell 
Westervelt, Leonidas 
Whitney, Harry
Williams, Blair S. 
Woodward, Arthur 

Yale University Press 


Specimens................ 6,927
Photographs..............   231
Albums of Photographs....     2
Negatives................     5 
Colored prints...........     3
Water colors.............     5
Engravings...............     1
Newspaper clippings......    21
Cards and circulars......     3 
Gifts to Library (see
Library Report)..........  1,420
        Total............  8,618


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