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[[stamped]] 0803 [[stamped]]
April 19, 1951

[[left margin vertical]] Send Bob [[tripled underlined]] Raymond + Willard [[/tripled underlined]] Cambrian papers for Bob + Phil [[/left margin vertical]]

Ap 19 [[superscript]] 1 [[/superscript]] 5.1 mi southwest Kinzel Sprs. in hard limey ss. Dinorthis like D. transversa of B Willard

Ap 19 [[superscript]] 2 [[/superscript]] - Bosses of cobble ls. having Up. Lenoir lithology. Contains sponges suggesting Lenoir or Benbolt. Ss #4 near base on road 0.75 miles SW of Low Chapel, Blockhouse [], Tenn.

Ap 19 [[superscript]] 3 [[/superscript]]   BMLHT 1366'
Intersection at BM 1366-4th Sevier shale. Rd intersection Blockhouse [], Tenn. Soft punky shale with Cyrtonotella, Paurorthis, lichads, Suggests Miser or possible lower. [[Cama?]] at Chilhowee View school turned SW to pass Mosheim & Lenoir on south side road. Knox on N side for about 1/2 mile SW of shale.

Ap 19 [[superscript]] 4 [[/superscript]] Blockhouse - 20' of cobbly & shaly ls. about 200 yards long parallel to road. Overlain by black shale. Contains Leptellina & n. gen. like Sowerbyites.

Newman's ss #4 in Keith's ss lentil in Sevier

Ap 19 [[superscript]] 5 [[/superscript]] Shale #6 Bend of road 0.55 about 1/2 mile WNW of Butterfly Gap, on Mook Creek. Blockhouse [] with abundant Sowerbyella

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