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501. Yokohama Harbour.
502. English Hatoba.
503. Bund.
504. Wharf, Yokohama.
505. Grand Hotel, Yokohama
506. " [[ditto for: Grand Hotel, Yokohama]]
507. Snow Scene, Yokohama.
508. View of Yokohama}Panorama.
509. do. [[ditto for: View of Yokohama]] }Panorama.
510. A. do. [[ditto for: View of Yokohama]]}Panorama.
510. B. do. [[ditto for: View of Yokohama]]}Panorama.
511. Honmura Street, Yokohama.
512. Main Street, Yokohama.
513. German Club, Yokohama
514. View of the General Post Office, Yokohama.
515. Cherry Blossom at Noge Hill, Yokohama.
516. Custom House, Yokohama.
517. Main Street, Yokohama.
518. View of Bund, Yokohama
519. Honmura Street, Yokohama.
520. Festival Lanterns at Bentendori, Yokohama.
521. Bentendori, Yokohama.
522. Canal and Bluff.
523. Honmura Temple, Yokohama.
524. Cherry Blossoms, and Entrance Gate to Temple at Noge Hill.
525. Sengenyama Tea-House, Yokohama.
526. 100 Steps, Yokohama.
527. [[strikethrough]] Railway Station, Yokohama.[[/strikethrough]] ^[[Cherry Blossoms Momijizaku Yokohama.]]
528. Flying Carps at Every Year of May.
529. French Consulate.
530. Creek, Yokohama.
531. Nectarine, Yokohama.
532. [[strikethrough]] Bluff, Yokohama[[/strikethrough]] ^[[Boy's Festival on May Yokohama]]
533. Canal, Yokohama
534. Iron Bridge Street.
535. Bashamichi, Yokohama.
536. Interior Portion of Honmura Temple, Yokohama.
537. Noge Hill, Yokohama.
538. View of Yokohama. ^[[Harbour.]]
539. Club Hotel, Yokohama.    

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540. Cherry Blossom on Noge Hill, Yokohama.
541. Camp Hill, Yokohama.
542. Mississippi Bay, Yokohama.
543. Mississippi Bay, Yokohama.
544. Railway Station, Yokohama.
545. View of Yokohama.
546. View of Harbour from Camp Hill.
547. View of Fishing Village Honmoku.
548. View of Honmoku
549. Bentenbashi.
550. Honmoku.
551. Bluff, Yokohama.
552. Cemetary, Yokohama.
553. Grand Hotel, Yokohama.
554. Bentendori, Yokohama.
555. Custom House & Pier.
556. View of Bund, Yokohama.
557. Sailor Boys in Yokohama Harbour.
558. Bluff, Yokohama.
559. [[strikethrough]] Bluff, Yokohama.[[/strikethrough]] ^[[Cherry at Bluff, Yokohama]]
560. View of Yokohama.
561. Cherry Blossoms at Noge Hill.
562. Sengenyama Tea-House, Yokohama.
563. Fujiyama from Bluff, Yokohama.
564. View of Tomioka.
565. [[strikethrough]] Flower Show in Yokohama. [[/strikethrough]] ^[[English R. N Hospital garden.]]
566. Theatre Street, Yokohama.
567. Snow Scene from Bluff, Yokohama.
568. [[strikethrough]] Snow Scene from Bluff, Yokohama.[[/strikethrough]] ^[[Public garden, Yokohama]]
569.} Bluff Garden 
570.} (Panorama)
571. Bluff Garden. ^[[Yokohama.]]
572. Bluff.
573. " [[ditto for: Bluff.]]
574. Honmoku Temple.
575. Steps at Negishi.
576. U.S. Consulate.
577. Bluff, Yokohama.
578. No. 9 at Kanagawa.
579. " [[ditto for: No. 9 at Kanagawa.]]
580. Bluff, Yokohama.
581. [[strikethrough]]Water Gate at [[/strikethrough]] Yokohama ^[[Harbor.]]
582. American Hospital Bluff.
583. [[strikethrough]] Snow Scene at Honmura [[/strikethrough]] ^[[Iris Garden Yokohama]]
584. [[strikethrough]] Snow Scene at Canal [[/strikethrough]] ^[[Boy's Festival on May Yokohama.]]
585. [[strikethrough]] No. 9 at Kanagawa. [[/strikethrough]] ^[[English R.N. Hospitals garden]]
586. Holiday at Bentendori.
^[[587 No. 9. Yokohama.]]
^[[588 " [[ditto for No. 9 Yokohama.]] ]]
^[[589 Nogeyama, Yokohama]]
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