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601.  Mikado's Garden.
602.  Hamagoten Gate.
603.  [[strikethrough]]Mikado's Garden.[[/strikethrough]] ^[[Lacquered Tomb Shiba Temple]]
604.  Great Gate ^[[of]] Shiba Temple.
605.  Stone Lanterns, Shiba.
606.  Stone Basin for Holy Water, Shiba.
607.  Temple Gate, Shiba.
608.  Dragon Gate, Shiba Temple.
609.  Haiden, Shiba Temple.
610.  Temple Gate, Shiba.
611.  " " [[Dittos for: Temple Gate, Shiba.]]
612.  Shiba Temple.
613.  [[strikethrough]]Bronze Gate (Iyetsugu Shogun's Tomb) in Shiba.[/strikethrough] ^[[X X ]]
614.  Temple Gate, Shiba.
615.  Shiba Temple.
616.  " [[Ditto for: Shiba Temple.]]
617.  " [[Ditto for: Shiba Temple.]]
618.  " [[Ditto for: Shiba Temple.]]
619.  Bronze Image (Kanabutsu) in Shiba.
620.  Lotus pond, Shiba.  Tokyo.
621.  Castle Wall and Lotus Pond.
622.  Garden Street, Shiba.
623.  " [[Ditto for: Garden Street, Shiba.
624.  Mikado's Garden (Bamboo Grove).
625.  View of Railway Station
626.  Main Street.
627.  Tea House Garden, Mukojima.
628.  Tsukiji (Foreign Settlement).
629.  Cherry Blossoms at Koganei.
630.  " [[Ditto for: Cherry Blossoms at Koganei.]]
631.  Asakusa Temple.
632.  Inside of Asakusa Temple
633.  Asakusa Temple.
634.  Bronze Double Images, Asakusa.
635.  Pogoda, Asakusa.
636.  Sumida River Mukojima
637.  Autumn View of Maples, Oji.
638.  Asakusa Temple.
639.  Scene of Sumida River, (Mukojima House Boat).

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640.  Pond in Kameido.
641.  Wisteria Blossoms in Kameido.
642.  Prince Hotta's Garden.
643.  " [[Ditto for: Prince Hotta's Garden.]]
644.  Imperial Hotel, Tokio.
645.  Yoroi Bridge & Godowns
646.  Pagoda & Bell Tower Asakusa.
647.  View of Tokio Castle.
648.  Uyeno Park
649.  Iris Garden in Horikiri
650.  Ochanomizu, Canal.
651.  Koishikawa.
652.  Oji Tea-House.
653.  " [[Ditto for: Oji Tea-House Garden.
654.  View of Atago Hill.
655.  View of Tokio City from Atago Hill.
656.  Sakuradamon, Castle Gate.
657.  Tombs of 47 Ronins in Sengakuji Temple.
658.  [[strikethrough]]The Imperial Printing Bureau.[[/strikethrough]]^[[Interior of 2nd Shogun's Temple Shiba.]]
659.  Buddhist Temple, Narita.
660.  [[strikethrough]]Fudo's Temple, Narita.[[/strikethrough]]^[[Interior of 2nd Shogun's Temple Shiba.]]
661.  Entrance Gate to Yoshiwara.
662.  Yoshiwara.
663.  Yoshiwara.
664.  [[strikethrough]]Cherry Blossoms, Uyeno Park.[[/strikethough]]^[[Irippowljinko?]]^[[Tokyo]]
665.  [[strikethrough]]do.[[/strikethrough]]^[[Cherry Park Uyeno Tokyo.]]
666.  [[strikethrough]]do.[[/strikethrough]]^[[View of Uyeno.]]
667.  do.  " [[Ditto for View of Uyeno.
668.  do.^[[?Supoken?]]^[[Hotel Uyeno.]]
669.  Shinobazu Pond, Uyeno
670.  Wayside Cake Shop at Uyeno.
671.  Toshogu Temple.
672.  Stone Lanterns Uyeno.
673.  Bronze Image Uyeno.
674.  View of Uyeno Park, Cherry Blossoms.
675.  Cherry Blossoms, Entrance to Uyeno Temple
676.  Benkei Bridge, Akasaka
677.  View of Uyeno.
678.  British Legation.
679.  Ochanomizu Bridge and Cathedral.
680.  Front Bridge of the Mikado's Palace.
681.  View of Tokio City.
682.  Bronze Portal Kotohira Temple.
683.  Kunaisho, Imperial Household Department.
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