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850. Shinto Temple and Hokogatake Rock, Haruna.
851. View of Ikao.
852. " [[Ditto for: View of Ikao]] Street.
853. Mukoyama, Ikao.
854. Yusawa, Hot Water River
855. Futatsudake from Mukoyama.
856. Haruna Road, Ikao.
857. Stone Images at Soma. Mt., Ikao.
858. Mizusawa Temple, near Ikao.
859. Funiu Waterfall, near Ikao.
860. Haruna Lake and Road near Ikao.
861. View of Lake and Tenjintoge Haruna.
862. View of Haruna Lake and Fiji.
863. " [[Ditto for: View of Haruna Lake and Fiji.]]
864. Tsuzuraiwa Rock, Haruna.
865. Haruna Lake and Tea House.
866. Nozoki-iwa and Temple Haruna.
867. Kurakakeiwa Rock.
868. View of Haruna Lake.
869. Haruna.
870. Handa River Boat Village, near Maibashi.
871. View of Watarase River, Omama.
872. View of Kirihara Bridge, near Omama.
873. View of Asabara River, near Mizunuma.
874. View of Kusagi, near Godo.
875. View of Sori River.
876. Bandotaro-ishi, Large Stone, near Sori.
877. Ashio Road.
878. View of Kobuhagara Bridge, Ashio.
879. View of Ashiotoge Tea-House.
881. Buddhist Temple, Fujisawa.
882. Country Bridge, Sunshu.

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883. Shiraito Waterfall, Fujiyama.
884. Fujiyama from Tokaido.
885. Oyuwa Village, Suruga to Fujiyama.
886. Tagonoura Bridge, Suruga, to Fujiyama.
887. Iizumi Village to Fujiyama.
888. Fujikawa River, Suruga, to Fujiyama.
889. Fujiyama from Iwabuchi, Tokaido.
890. Fujiyama from Suzukawa
891. Fujiyama from Tea Plantation at Shizuoka.
892. View of Fujiyama from Jigokutoge.
893. Fujiyama from Gotenba.
894. Fujiyama from Iwabuchi, Tokaido.
895. View of Fujiyama from Tagonoura.
896. Gotenba to Fujiyama.
897. Fujiyama from Yoshida
898. Hiratsuka Tokaido to Fujiyama.
899. Fujiyama from Fujikawa.
900. Fujiyama from Omiya Village.
901. Fujiyama from Maita.
902. Fujiyama from Omiya Village.
903. Shiraito Waterfall at Fujiyama.
904. Fujiyama from Numagawa River and Junk
905. Country Bridge, Sunshu
906. Fujiyama from Odaki, Kami-ide Village.
907. Temple Garden, Omiya.
908. Fujiyama, from Kawaibashi Tokaido.
909. Fujiyama from Kamado Village near Gotenba.
910. Fujiyama from Kamado Village near Gotenba.
911. Fujiyama from Gotenba.
912. " [[Ditto fro: Fujiyama from Gotenba.]]
913. Fujiyama from Satta Pass.
914. Gongen Road, Hakone.
915. Hakone Lake.
916. Waterfall at Sano.
917. " " " [[Ditto for: Waterfall at Sano.]]
918. Eian Bridge near Yamakita.
919. Sakawa River at Yamakita.
920. Street in Shizuoka.

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