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1436. Onomichi, Inland Sea, Bingo.
1437. " [[Ditto for: Onomichi, Inland Sea, Bingo.]]
1438. Tomotsu," [[Ditto for: Onomichi, Inland Sea, Bingo.]]
1439. Tomotsu, Inland Sea, Bingo. 
1440. " [[Ditto for: Tomotsu, Inland Sea, Bingo.]]
1441. Kotohira Shinto Temple, Sanuki.
1442. Kotochira Bronze Horse, Sanuki. 
1443. Public Garden Kanazawa, Ishikawaken. 
1445. View of Hakodate.
1446. Ainos, Island of Yezo. 
1447. " [[Ditto for: Ainos, Island of Yezo.]] 
1448. " [[Ditto for: Ainos, Island of Yezo.]]
1449. Nakajima, Nagasaki
1450. Shirose Garden Niigata

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E. 1. Railway Iron Bridge at Nagara River Aichiken
E. 2. Telegraph and Post Office at Nagoya. 
E. 3. Spinning Tread Company at Atsuta. 
E. 4. Biwajima Bridge at Nagoya
E. 5. Ichinomiya
E. 6. Yebijima Village near Nagoya. 
E. 7. Kuroda Village near Aichiken. 
E. 8. Charitable Hospital at Ichinomiya. 
E. 9. Charitable Hospital at Okumura
E. 10. Charitable Place at Okumura Village. Nagoya. 
E. 11. Bank at Nagara River
E. 12. Gifu
E. 13. Crushed by Earthquake
E. 14. Gifu
E. 15. " [[Ditto for: Gifu]]
E. 16. Yenshoji Temple at Kinbara Village.
E. 17. Hospital at Neodani Village, Gifu.
E. 18. Kinbara Village. 
E. 19. Shichinan Village, Gifu
E. 20. Midori Village," [[Ditto for: Gifu]]
E. 21. " " " [[ Ditto for: Midori Village, Gifu]]
E. 22. Saikoji Temple, Midori Village.
E. 23. Tenjindo Village at Gifu.
E. 24. Wakamori Village at Ogaki.
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