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2001. Fujiyama from Omiya. 
2002. Reflected Scene of Fujiyama, from Numakawa River. 
2003. Fujiyama from Yoshiwara Village. 
2004. Fujiyama from Suzukawa Village. 
2005. Fujiyama from Fujikawa River. 
2006. Fujiyama from Tagonoura Tokaido. 
2007. Fujiyama from Iidzumi Village. 
2008. Temple Garden at Omiya
2009. View of Yumoto (way to Miyanoshita)
2010. View of Miyanoshita. 
2011. Pagoda at Asakusa, Tokyo.
2012. Great Gate at Shiba Temple Tokyo. 
2013. Interior of Shiba Temple Tokyo. 
2014. Autumn View of Maples at Oji Tokyo. 
2015. Tea House at Oji Tokyo.
2016. View of Uyeno Park Tokyo. 
2017. Cherry Blossoms and Tea House Uyeno, Tokyo.
2018. House Boat on the Sumida River Tokyo. 
2019. Cherry Avenue at Mukojima, Tokyo. 
2020. Iris Blossoms at Horikiri Tokyo. 
2021. "   " [[Ditto for: Iris Blossoms at Horikiri Tokyo.]]
2022. Wisteria Blossoms and Temple Kameido Tokyo.
2023. Wisteria Blossoms and Temple Kameido Tokyo
2024. Cherry Blossoms at Noge Hill Yokohama.
2025. View of Tomioka. 
2026. Kamakura
2027. Hachiman Temple at Kamakura. 
2028. Daibutsu, Great Bronze Image at Kamakura.
2029. "   " [[Ditto for: Daibutsu, Great Bronze Image at Kamakura.]]

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2030. Pagoda at Ikegami near Tokyo,
2031. Interior of Ikegami Temple.
2032. Monkey Bridge at Koshuw.
2033. Imaichi, Cryptomeria Avenue Nikko.
2034. Sacred BRidge at Nikko
2035. Pagoda & Stone Portal, Nikko.
2036. Front View of Temple at Nikko.
2037. Yomeimon Great Gate, Nikko.
2038. Dainichido, Temple Garden Nikko.
2039. Yudaki Waterfall Yumoto, Nikko.
2040. View of Kanazawa.
2041. Biwa Lake from Miidera, Temple, Ishiyama.
2942. Medaki Waterfall at Kobe.
2043. Sarusawa Lake at Nara
2044. Tennoji Temple at Osaka.
2045. Bamboo Grove at Kioto.
2046. Maruyama and Yaami Hotel Kioto.
2047. Katsuragawa Rapid, Kioto.
2048. Ginkakuji Garden, Kioto.
2049. Kinkakuji Garden, Kioto.
2050. Doshigawa River, Sagami.
2051. Fujiyama from Iwabuchi Village.
2052. Missisippi Bay, Yokohama.
2053. Lotus Pond at Kamakura.
2054. Karamon Gate Nikko.
2055. Ichinotaki Waterfall Nikko.
2056. Nantaizan Mt. from Chuzenji Lake Nikko
2057. Chuzenji Lake Nikko.
2058. View of Enoshima.
2059. Cherry Bank at Koganei near Tokyo.
2060. Tea-House Garden at Oji, Tokyo.
2062. Shuzenji Village at Idzu.
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