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[[start card Left-1]]
[[pencil]] 350-a [[/pencil]]

[[pencil]] Apparently not in order by Clack. or by Engl.  If filmed, arrange by English? [[/pencil]]
[[end card Left-1]]

[[start card Left-2]]
[[align right]] Cl. 8.[[/align right]]
asā'k  valley
[[end card Left-2]]

[[start card Left-3]]
[[align right]] Cl. 3. [[/align right]] 
ā'lēk[[x diacritic below k]] virgin
[[end card Left-3]]

[[start card Left-4]]
[[align right]] Cl. 4. [[/align right]] 
ak'ē'qcaq   deer fawn
( = Masko)
[[end card Left-4]]

[[Start card Right-1]]
[[align right]] Cl. 4. [[/align right]] 
ēk[[x diacritic below]] ō'luc,  vulture
[[end card Right-1]]

[[start card Right-2]]
[[align right]] Cl. 3. [[/align right]] 
itlkcle[[double underline diacritic e]]'q tlāík[[x diacritic under k]] auwitl
vein = blood sinew
[[end card Right-2]]

[[start card Right-3]]
[[align right]] Cl. 10. [[/align right]] 
I walk.
[[end card Right-3]]

[[start card Right-4]]
[[align right]] Cl. 1. [[/align right]] 
Tq[[double underline diacritic q]]uā'late Wapeter Lake tribe
[[end card Right-4]]

Transcription Notes:
can't tell whether letter with the x below in Left-3 and Right-1 is an e or an s, also not too sure what the x below stands for yet Left-3: should be ?'l?k Is the x below a k rather than a e or s? I think the text is correct as given.R.Johnson Reviewed. Edited card Left-2 and Right-2

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