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[[start card Left 1]]
cl. 5.
tlā'[[pre?]]litl lai 'koa nun water comes
[[end card Left 1]]

[[start card Left 2]]
cl. 9.
lg aika  we excl.
[[end card Left 2]]

[[start card Left 3]]
cl. 9.
ne cai ka  we incl.
[[end card Left 3]]

[[start card Left 4]]
cl. 6.
ab' a' ē lō  wedge
[[end card Left 4]]

[[start card Right 1]]
ik' oa' le.  whale
[[end card Right 1]]

[[start card Right 2]]
cl. 5.
k[[edited-in a]]tl ā'ma killer whale
[[end card Right 2]]

[[start card Right 3]]
cl. 11.
dān, what?
[[end card Right 3]]

[[start card Right 4]]
cl. 11.
kāgla  where
[[end card Right 4]]

Transcription Notes:
For cards Left 2 & 3, I'm taking the meaning to be "we, excusive" and "we, inclusive". It was a toss up as to whether the "we/ne" was part of the Clackamas or English language.

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