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Comp Liquorice Powder
[[preprinted line]]
[[preprinted double line]]
Pulv Senna 
" [[ditto for Pulv]] Liquorice aa [[ounce symbol]] vi
" [[ditto for Pulv]] Fennel Seed 
" [[ditto for Pulv]] Sulphur aa [[ounce symbol]] iii
" [[ditto for Pulv]] Sugar [[ounce symbol]] 18 [[2 small hash marks on 2nd loop of ounce symbol]]
[[?M with strikethrough]]

Cold Cream opt
Cetaceum [[ounce symbol]] ii fs
Cera Alb [[ounce symbol]] ii
Oil Almonds dulc [[ounce symbol]] viii
Aqua Rosa [[ounce symbol]] v
Sodae Boras [[dram symbol]] i
[[?M with strikethrough]]

Glycerine Balm. [[m and period added in different ink]]
Pulv Sod Bor [[ounce symbol]] iii
Glycerine [[pound symbol]]1/2 or 3/4 [[or 3/4 added in different ink]]
Aqua [[?Cong]] i
[[?M with strikethrough]] et perfume

Transcription Notes:
Added bracets; changed Nt to M. Wonder if it's not Nt for normal temperature?

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