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Large quarry in SW 1/4 7-25N-31N about 1 3/4 miles N of courthouse in Neosho. Can be reached by leaving US 60 at bend of road 3/4 mile N of Newtown
Limestone here medium gray, fine to coarse grained, general massive with [[strikethrough]] bands [[/strikethrough]] scattered bands of chert which contain the fossils.
Chert contains Orthotetes common, Ovatia c, Labriproductus c and Pseudosyriux fairly common.

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July 12
Went to Tripoli pits about 1 1/4 miles N of Seneca, Missouri
The locality is NW 1/4 NW 1/4 35-25N-34W, 1 1/4 miles NNW of Seneca,[[strikethrough]] M [[/strikethrough]] Seneca (7 1/2') [[square symbol]], Missouri
Collected until about 2:30 PM. Came back to Neosho through Wela & Racine.

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July 13.
Visited roadside on branch of Jones Creek, SW corner of SE 1/4 34-28N-31W, NE of Fidelity.  Here we saw Marginirugus magnus.

Went on to quarries at