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July 18
Adair & Spavinaw

[[left margin]] 68-17 [[/left margin]] Locality with abundant Hustedia This is 1.45 miles West of the SW corner Sec. 32-23N-20E and about 0.4 mile north of the road, about the NW 1/4 SE 1/4 31-23N-20E. Here are Avonia, Hustedia and Reticulariina common. Mayes County.

[[left margin]] 68-18 [[/left margin]] Is a small Butte 1/4 mile E of 68-17, up. Fayetteville, NE 1/4 SE 1/4 31-23N-20E. Very poorly fossiliferous


[[left margin]] 68-19 [[/left margin]]  Warsaw chert on the east side [[strikethrough]]USz [[/strikethrough]] Oklahoma by 20, 1.2 miles by road. S of Spavinaw Creek bridge and 2.3 miles S of the center of Spavinaw by road. The locality is on the steep hill rising from the river and is at about the crest of the hill. Probably SW 1/4 15-22N-21E although the sec, Tp and R. are somewhat uncertain. Collecting not good but Spinfer of large size fairly common.

^[[5 1/2 line between secs. 15 & 16, on east side road (Hy20).]]

Transcription Notes:
Spinfer is probably Spinifer, a species of scorpions