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[[preprinted]] January, MONDAY, 4. 1897. [[/preprinted]]

Tempt + 34 [[degree symbol]] and Barometer 28.47 @ 8 AM
" [[Ditto for: Tempt]]   + 36 [[degree symbol]] " " [[Dittos for: and Barometer]] 28.24 @ 6 PM

Foggy early this morning - Sun did not come out at all - otherwise pleasant -

Both Collieries worked 9 hours -

Everything quiet -

Mr. Jones is not feeling very well today -

Will hardly be able to work 9 hours at both places tomorrow, as the breakers are over half filled now -

Our team is hauling coal from Vulcan to New Boston - Our New Boston branch is filled up with L.V. Empty cars, and the L.V. do not want to bring coal down -

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[[preprinted]] January, TUESDAY, 5. 1897. [[/preprinted]]

Tempt  + 34[[degrees]] and Barometer 28.08 @ 8 AM
" [[Ditto for: Tempt]] + 36 [[degree symbol]] " [[Ditto for: and]] Barometer 27.98 @ 2 3/PM
" [[Ditto for: Tempt]] + 34 [[degree symbol]] " " [[Ditto for: and Barometer]] 27.97 @ 6 PM

Both Collieries worked 9 hours today

The #2 Bore Hole at B Mtn, going down to test the center of the basin, of the first vein cut by #1 Hole there recently, struck the rock today - 62 feet "wash" 47 feet "wash" at #1 Hole -

Received a letter today from John A Grant, [[insertion]] ^ Asst [[/insertion]] Div Supt. L.V. C Co. at Lost Creek, stating that we can drive our 3rd East "B Mtn." Gangway, Top Split, at Buck Mtn Colliery, on a grade of 6 feet per Hundred (100) feet, until such time as they decide that [[strikethrough]] you [[/strikethrough]] we are encroaching upon the Basin Pillar line
- This will, of course change any line [[strikethrough]] you [[/strikethrough]] we have been given, east of the present face of your gangway - They will make the "Park #3 line to conform with our gangway, and will not make any position line for us to keep, but we will be governed entirely by the grade of the gangway - This will enable us to mine the coal in the eastern end in a manner more satisfactory - 
Letter in case - "Important Letters" -

The #2 Slope, from 5th to 4th Lift at B Mtn was 'holed' today - a small hole made -