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[[preprinted]] January, Friday, 8. 1897. [[/preprinted]]

Tempt +20 [[degree symbol]] and Barometer 28.69 @ 7.40 am
" [[Ditto for: Tempt]] + 32 " "  [[Dittos for: and Barometer]] 28.63 @ 5 [[superscript]] 3 [[/superscript]] /pm
Beautiful day -

Both Collieries idle - L.V. not running cars -

Mr. Jones ordered 3 Christ Jigs today for Vulcan 2 Stove and 1 Nut. One of the "Stove" is to be placed below [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] another 
"Stove" Jig, now in place, [[insertion]] Eastside [[/insertion]] and will jig the same coal over - while the other Stove Jig will be placed on the west side, to help the other one out -
The Chestnut Jig will be placed below the 2 Chestnut Jigs on the East side, and will jig over the coals that come from both Jigs - These addional 3 jigs should clean the coal properly -

The Inventories are now nearly completed - Have not started to copy same in book yet -

At Buck Mountain we have carpenters tearing down all the coal houses etc etc, that are close up to the houses - This is done to prevent the houses catching fire, in case these rookeries would [[strikethrough]] become [[/strikethrough]] catch fire -

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[[preprinted]] January, SATURDAY, 9. 1897. [[/preprinted]]
Tempt +22 [[degree symbol]] and Barometer 28.57 @ 7 [[superscript]] 3 [[/superscript]] /a
" [[Ditto for: Tempt]] +34 " " [[Dittos for: and Barometer]] 28.34 @ 4 [[superscript]] 3 [[/superscript]] /pm
Beautiful day -

Both Collieries idle - RR Co. not running Cars.

Nearly every body suspended -

At the #2 Bore Hole today, the drill went through the Top split of the Mammoth Vein - struck it at 128 feet - vein 10 feet thick - The hole will not go any farther - 

Inventory is finished - Elmer is now copying it into the book -

Received word this afternoon @ 2:30, over telephone, stating that John A Grant, Div. Engr. & Asst. Supt. of the L.V. C Co's Collieries at Lost Creek, had died at 1.40 pm at the "boarding house" at Lost Creek. Had typhoid pneumonia - Took sick on Tuesday 5th inst -

Tempt +30 [[degree symbol]] & Barometer 28.32 @ 5 [[superscript]] 20 [[/superscript]] /PM

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