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[[preprinted]] Date. Cash Account..FEBRUARY. Rec'd. Paid. [[/preprinted]]

[[wavy underlined]] Mules Bought, - Killed - etc. - 1896. [[/wavy underlined]]

On hand Jan 1 - 97

[[wavy underlined]] Vulcan 31 B Mtn 46. N.B. [[/wavy underlined]] 2 mules 2 horses Total 81
Transferred or Killed Bought

[[wavy underlined]] "Buck Mountain" [[/wavy underlined]]
"1/12"/[[wavy underlined]] B.M." [[/wavy underlined]] 3rd East - John Tansey Driver ^[[driver suspended]] - Fell - dislocated hip "Daisy"  1
2/12/97 Fell out of stable down manway ^[[see [[strikethrough]] letter [[/strikethrough]] diary]] - broke neck Nora 1
To 1 mule from Vulcan [[encircled]] 1 [[/encircled]]
8/26 see account on this date on diary page - 1
May 24 3 From Warner @ 90. each 3
June 30 "Pete". Fell in manure hold 2' Lift stable see this date 1
Nov 4 Harry, Dirt Bank - Colic 1
Nov 12 Pete inside (see account this date ) Harry Inman, driver 1
Dec 31 Billy " [[ditto for: inside]] died (standing 3 weeks James Tolan driver } 1st
 West (dont know cause of death - might have been ]
bumped, clubbed, or sick ([[?]] rep[[?]]t of same) }

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[[preprinted]] Date. Cash Account..MARCH. Rec'd. Paid. [[/preprinted]]

[[wavy underlined]] Mules Bought, Killed - etc 1896 Continued [[/wavy underlined]]

[[wavy underlined]] Vulcan Transferred or Killed Bought [[/wavy underlined]]

1/11 " 2nd East Top S' Cooney ^[[driver suspended]] Dresh Driver "Bumped" between Cars ^[["Lil"]] 1
2/2 1 Mule sent to Buck Mtn [[encircled]] 1 [[/encircled]]
4/24 "Sal" Rock Bank Colic 1
May 24 2 from Warner @ 90. each 2

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