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shudders when I say "when it opens", knowing too well all the things that could happen!  When I see you, I'll tell you all - or talk to you - how about a long phone call when you get back, I'll treat!  Are you going to [[Georgetown?]] this summer?  And altho my relationship with Ken did seem too good to be true, it has survived many struggles & is more real, tho less romantic - just as passionate tho - & in August, it will be 2 years, if you can believe that?  Only one problem, the age gap sometimes weighs on me - his youth, tho delightful at times is tedious at others.  All in all, however, he's much better for me [[strikethrough]] me [[/strikethrough]] than Lloyd ever was.  I've filed divorce papers finally & by the time the DP opens, I will be a divorcee - a gay one, I hope, as opposed to a depressed one.
     You can see how preoccupied I'm becoming with the completion of the piece.  It's a good thing I have a book to write as I'll be too busy to worry.  I wish you were here to hold my hand & tell me if the piece is okay!  So many plans I have hinge on it being all I hope it will be.
     You sound WONDERFUL - I didn't exactly understand what you meant about the Chrysalis publishing deal.  But just the fact your novel will finally get out ought to please you -
     Call me collect when you get back -
          I adore you,
PS - I had a wonderful time with Susanna - she's terrific!
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