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The Director, Dr. George G. Heye, together with Mr. E.K. Burnett, the Assistant Director, and Messrs. Kenneth C. Miller and William F. Stiles, were duly appointed to the Staff Committee to serve until the next annual meeting of the Board.

The annual report for the fiscal year ending April 1, 1941, of the Board of Trustees to the Grantor, under the provisions of the Foundation Deed dated May 10, 1916, was duly presented to this meeting and was approved and the original filed with the Grantor and a copy inserted in the minute book, as part of the records of this meeting.

At the annual meeting the Chairman submitted a proposed budget for the fiscal year 1941 - 42, with a comparative statement showing the budget for the year 1940 - 41, as adopted, and a statement of the actual expenditures for the latter period. On motion, duly made and seconded, the proposed budget for the year 1941 - 42 as submitted by the Chairman was approved and adopted.

The Chairman stated to the annual meeting that he had acquired and was presenting to the Museum a Totem Pole and that with the approval of Mr. Archer M. Huntington, with whom he had discussed the matter, he recommended that the Totem Pole be erected in the court yard to the right of the main entrance to this building. The expenditure of $500. for the installation of the Totem Pole as planned was authorized.

Likewise at this meeting the request of the American Indian Museum of Arts and Sciences in Southampton, L.I., N.Y. for a loan of specimens in connection with an exhibition at that institution was submitted by the Chairman, and in accordance with an established policy was refused.

The question of keeping the Museum buildings open to the public during the summer was thoroughly discussed and, in view of the expenses involved, the Board decided to follow the practice of several years past in closing the Museum buildings to the public in the summer months, leaving it to the discretion of the Chairman and Director, however, to open the Museum to the public at any time, or from time to time during the summer months for such day or days each week as he may determine if he

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